"Family Owned & Operated Providing
Over 50 Years of Reliable Service to All of Central MA"

71 Worcester Road Barre, MA 01005
T: (978) 355-6649

Company History


Our Company History starts back in 1954 when Richard McDonald and William Donovan Started McDonald & Donovan General Contractors, Specializing in Road Building, Bridges, Water and Sewer Line Installations.


In 1957 McDonald & Donovan acquired Haven Coal & Oil Company in Barre. Fred Haven started Haven Coal & Oil in the early 1900.


In 1970 McDonald & Donovan acquired R. T. Curtis, a Redi-mix concrete company located in Barre.


In 1976 the Company was split with William Donovan taking the assets of the R. T. Curtis Company and Richard McDonald taking the Oil and Construction companies.


Since 1976 the company has grown and ventured into Washed Sand & Stone. In 2010, RJ McDonald has entered into the Propane Industry by building a state of the art 60,000 gallon Propane Bulk Plant.


The company is still operated today by its founder Richard McDonald, his son Richard McDonald Jr. and grandsons Bruce McDonald and Ryan Goodwin.


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